St Andrews boasts one of the largest concentrations of intellectual historians in the world. Research is conducted from ancient to modern times into every aspect of intellectual history and on a global scale.

Members of faculty, and a continuous stream of visiting scholars, support undergraduate courses, a graduate programme (the MLitt in Intellectual History), PhD training and doctoral-level research, and an ever-widening series of public events.

The Institute is a hub for everyone interested in intellectual history, for scholars pursuing research projects, for the teaching of intellectual history, for individuals and groups seeking access to the activities of intellectual historians internationally, and for the history of intellectual history itself through our archive of the papers of intellectual historians.

The Institute is home to a number of major projects, hosts online resources, and enjoys a lively programme of graduate-led events. The journals History of European Ideas and Global Intellectual History are edited here.

The Institute administers the István Hont Prize for the best book published in intellectual history in any given year.

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