What is Intellectual History?

Intellectual history has become a commonplace label within the historical profession. Those who call themselves intellectual historians hail from a variety of backgrounds, are committed to a multitude of philosophical positions, and work on all subjects and across every historical period.

This project asks leading scholars to define intellectual history in a series of interviews, and to explain how their sense of intellectual history relates to their current research projects. It was produced and edited by Dr Sophie Bisset and Dr Andy Mansfield. It is now hosted at the Institute of Intellectual History at the University of St Andrews.

Professor Maria Rosa Antognazza
(King’s College London)

Dr Cesare Cuttica
(Université Paris 8)

Professor Aaron Garrett
(Boston University)

Professor Ian Hunter
(University of Queensland)

Dr Tim Hochstrasser

Professor Béla Kapossy
(University of Lausanne)

Professor Colin Kidd
(University of St Andrews)

Professor William Lamont
(University of Sussex)

Professor James Moore
(Concordia University)

Professor John Robertson
(University of Cambridge)

Professor Mark Salber Phillips
(Carleton University)

Professor M A Stewart
(University of Lancaster)

Professor Ann Thomson
(European University Institute, Florence)

Professor Richard Whatmore
(University of St Andrews)

Professor Donald Winch
(University of Sussex)

Professor Paul Wood
(University of Victoria)

Professor Blair Worden
(University of Oxford)

Professor Simone Zurbuchen
(Université de Lausanne)