‘The End of Enlightenment’: Professor Richard Whatmore to deliver the 2019 Carlyle Lectures

Professor Richard Whatmore, Co-Director of the Institute of Intellectual History, will deliver the Carlyle Lectures at the University of Oxford under the title ‘The End of Enlightenment’ in January and February 2019:

Lecture One: Unnatural histories and political thought: Pufendorf to Bentham (15 January 2019)
Lecture Two: Natural histories: the crisis of the republics (22 January 2019)
Lecture Three: Death and the philosophers (29 January 2019)
Lecture Four: The collapse of the commonwealth tradition (5 February 2019)
Lecture Five: Patriots, Cosmopolitans and Terrorists (12 February 2019)
Lecture Six: Caesars, Scots and Utilitarians (19 February 2019)

For more details please visit the University of Oxford website.