István Hont Book Prize

The Institute of Intellectual History awards the István Hont Book Prize to the best book published in intellectual history in any calendar year.

To submit your book for consideration for the 2018 award, please send two copies to Professor Richard Whatmore at the address stated at the bottom of this page.

2017 Winner

Simon Grote, The Emergence of Modern Aesthetic Theory: Religion and Morality in Enlightenment Germany and Scotland (Cambridge University Press)

2016 Winner

Benjamin Straumann, Crisis and Constitutionalism: Roman Political Thought from the Fall of the Republic to the Age of Revolution (Oxford University Press)

2015 Winners

Richard Bourke, Empire and Revolution: The Political Life of Edmund Burke (Princeton University Press)
J.G.A. Pocock, Barbarism and Religion, Volume 6. Barbarism: Triumph in the West (Cambridge University Press)

2014 Winner

Peter Ghosh, Max Weber and the Protestant Ethic: Twin Histories (Oxford University Press)

2013 Winners

Iain McDaniel, Adam Ferguson in the Scottish Enlightenment. The Roman Past and Europe’s Future (Harvard University Press)
Silvia Sebastini, The Scottish Enlightenment. Race, Gender, and the Limits of Progress (Palgrave MacMillan)