Michael Bentley Farewell Seminar

Venue: New Seminar Room, 71 South Street, St Andrews KY16 9QW


To mark Michael’s retirement, a set of papers on historiography will be presented and discussed – papers will be 35-40 minutes, allowing 15 minutes or so for questions after each. Colin Kidd will chair the sessions.

2pm: John Hudson, ‘Maitland and Austin: Legal Thought and Legal History in Nineteenth-Century England’

3pm: Frances Nethercott, ‘A little Something about Russian Historiography: the Mediaevalist, Ivan Grevs (1860-1941), his Pupil, Nikolai Antsiferov (1889-1958), Literature, and Walking’

4pm: Nick Rengger, ‘On the Historiography of Modern International Thought: Three questions’

5pm: Wine reception