The Institute of Intellectual History, founded in 2013, is a hub for everyone interested in intellectual history at both the University of St Andrews and beyond.


Associate Directors

Members of the Institute

International Board

Chair: Professor Roger Mason (St Andrews)
Professor Manuela Albertone (Turin)
Professor Rosa Antognazza (King’s College London)
Professor David Armitage (Harvard)
Professor Michael Bentley (St Andrews)
Professor Mark Bevir (Berkeley)
Dr Annabel Brett (Cambridge)
Professor Greg Claeys (Royal Holloway)
Professor Emmanuelle de Champs (Université de Cergy-Pontoise)
Professor George Garnett (Oxford)
Professor Mark Goldie (Cambridge)
Professor Knud Haakonssen (Erfurt and St Andrews)
Dr Rachel Hammersley (Newcastle)
Professor Béla Kapossy (Lausanne)
Professor David Lieberman (Berkeley)
Professor Michael Lobban (LSE)
Professor William Miller (Michigan)
Professor Luke O’Sullivan (National University of Singapore)
Professor John Pocock (Johns Hopkins)
Professor John Robertson (Cambridge)
Professor Emma Rothschild (Cambridge and Harvard)
Professor Philip Schofield (UCL)
Professor Quentin Skinner (Queen Mary)
Professor Gareth Stedman Jones (Queen Mary)
Professor Ann Thomson (Florence)
Dr Brian Young (Oxford)

Research Students

David Coates
Matt Johnson
Minchul Kim
Paul Moorhouse
Jonathan Paquette
Maxine Pollock
Amy Westwell